Stop working so HARD! Use Curricula that does Double Duty!

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Homeschooling Moms Work Hard!

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raising kids
and, of course, teaching.

Although some days are harder than others, every school day is a challenge. To effectively meet that challenge, you need good materials that work double duty!

Double duty materials teach two ways–directly and indirectly.

When you can find curricula that does both equally well, you’ve found gold!

What does that mean–teaching directly and indirectly?

Direct Teaching (done wrong)

Direct teaching isn’t really bad. It’s just not so effective alone.

Take the common core for example. Everyone knows it has problems.

Under the direction of the common core, students are expected to meet certain goals at the end of the school year. But the common core doesn’t give teachers the tools to reach those goals.

As a result, a lot of teachers turn primarily to direct instruction.

Aka…teaching to the test.

Indirect Teaching

Indirect teaching is more passive, but powerful.

Indirect teaching allows children to interact with the material and make connections on their own. Without trying, their little brains figure out connections and patterns. They discover!

An Example of a Curriculum That Teaches Both Ways

Although the Write from History books teach writing directly through narration, copywork, and studied dictation, the indirect instruction takes the material to a completely different level.

With the Write from History books, students learn to write by writing about history. The historical information is taught indirectly.

And so is writing style.

When children study and imitate the writing of great authors like Nathaniel Hawthorne, Shakespeare, and Benjamin Franklin, they absorb the style of those writers without having to be taught style directly.

All Our Core Books Do Double Duty

• The Fun Spanish teaches verb conjugation and vocabulary and indirectly teaches the structure of Spanish sentences (grammar).
• The Westminster Catechism Copybooks teach cursive handwriting and indirectly teach the catechism.
• Our Bible Handwriting Books teach manuscript writing and indirectly teach Scripture.
• Our Sheldon’s grammar book teaches the eight parts of speech and indirectly teaches sentence and paragraph writing.
• And Writing from Rhetoric, our middle school writing curriculum, teaches grammar, sentence writing, and narrative writing while also preparing them for high school level writing.

Homeschooling moms work hard. You work hard!

You need curricula that will effectively and easily teach– without wasting your time and your student’s energy.

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