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Easy Grammar is a grammar curriculum authored by Dr. Wanda C. Phillips

My experience with this curriculum is limited to the Ultimate Series: 180 Daily Teaching Lessons for high-school,  Grade 9 and 11.


I really love the way grammar is presented in a simplified, non-intimidating manner to the students. And the material presented daily is, overtime, rotated so that student gets exposure to more than the concepts that they may see on a given day.

The strengths of the program are that:

1.The program is extremely user friendly, making it easier to ensure that grammar gets done.

2. The price for a high school grammar book is extremely affordable.

3. The Ultimate series provides little lessons that provide succinct instructions followed by 3 or 4 exercises.

4. The exercises gradually guide the student to more complex concepts.

5. There is built in review, reinforcing the concepts.


The weaknesses are:

1. The program doesn’t provide much opportunity to apply the grammar learned. Children often use grammatical concepts incorrectly when writing essays. Essay grammar is so narrow in focus that it doesn’t provide much application practice for the grammar it teaches.

2. Some students will need more practice than what Easy Grammar (this series) offers. Those students would do well to double up on the amount of grammar done daily or attempt a writing exercise, once a week or so, applying the concepts that they are having more difficulty with.


Overall, I really like Easy Grammar. I think that it is written and organized so well that it makes grammar easy to accomplish on a consistent basis. And grammar is one of those subjects that can become overwhelming to students. Easy Grammar removes that obstacle.

If your student is studying a foreign language or writing a good bit, as they should be, you can easily apply the concepts covered in the Easy Grammar Lesson to make sure the students have more opportunity to apply the grammatical concepts they’re learning.