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Reviews of the Write from History Series

An excerpt of a curriculum review by Rainbow Resource:

“… Write From History gives you a tool by which you can reclaim the various language arts skill sets of your child’s education and bring them under the umbrella of history education thus doing much to restore wholeness. Writing (composition skills), grammar and spelling not to mention penmanship practice, literature exposure, reading comprehension, and vocabulary are all drawn from interesting historical narratives, folk stories, cultural tales, and primary source documents…”

An excerpt of a curriculum review by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine:

“Garcia has assembled some of the best thoughts, writings, historical happenings, and stories from this era [early modern history]. Not only that, they’re already arranged in chronological order (with applicable dates given), saving homeschooling parents even more time.”

An excerpt from a verified user at Currclick:

“Wonderful! A fantastic collection of selections from primary source documents, quotations, poetry and more. I was concerned about the time it would take to hunt down good quality, appropriate selections to do narration, copywork, and dictation for this coming year to go along with our study of the Ancients.”

Comments by Users:

“Wonderful! A fantastic collection of selections from primary source documents, quotations, poetry and more.”

“I am VERY excited. I wasn’t sure what to do to help teach parts of speech in the context of copywork and you outlined how to do this so clearly.”

“…one of the better buys I’ve seen for homeschoolers…”

“…a tremendous resource…”

“I really love the ancient history book and also the early modern…book.”

“I love your curriculum.”

“…looks beautiful…”

“…easy to use, easy to follow…”

“5 out of 5 stars!”

“…just what I was looking for”

“…want to use with Tapestry of Grace…”

“…plan to use with our Mystery of History studies…”

Curriculum Reviews from Users of The Fun Spanish

“I never have to ask her to do [The Fun Spanish] lessons. …makes her laugh…”

“Highly recommended…makes Spanish fun!”

Reviews from users of The Westminster Shorter Catechism Copybook

“5 out of 5 stars!”

“5 out of 5 stars!”

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