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My Experience with Homeschool Reviews

One of the first things I began doing as  a new homeschool parent was reading homeschool curriculum reviews. Those homeschool reviews were key to my learning of the educational resources available to homeschooling parents. Those homeschool reviews helped to steer me toward the resources that I now rely upon to educate my children.

I will forever be grateful to the parents and teachers that placed so much time and effort into using and reviewing those educational products. The information was extremely helpful then and is now. Even today, before I purchase a new homeschool curriculum, I search and peruse the internet for reviews.

While it is true that there are few places that recount negative reviews, the positive ones, when written well, still warn parents and teachers of aspects in the curriculum that may or may not work for them. These reviews helped save me time and money, two very imported and very limited resources.

To, in a sense, pay back for all that I have received in that area, I am going to try and provide a similar resource here at Brookdale House for homeschooling parents.

Homeschool Review Guidelines

As I endeavor to write these reviews, I will avoid writing reviews for curricula similar to those that I sell here at Brookdale House. Instead, I will review curricula for educational products that supplement the resources we sell. And I will review products for various grade levels for other subjects.

Until I write these reviews, here are a listing of online homeschool curriculum reviews:

 Tea Time with Annie Kate–providing homeschool reviews of curriculum, resources, general reading, and resources for moms

Curriculum Choice Reviews on Pinterest–homeschool reviews of readers, textbooks, online homeschool resources and more

 The Happy Housewife Homeschool Curriculum Reviews–reviews for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews–providing several reviews on multiple resources for all levels