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About Brookdale House

Brookdale House publishes educational resources for homeschool, private school, and public school children. Our educational resources are designed to gently challenge children to excellence. Our curricula are primarily used by the homeschool and private school community.

Our first homeschool curriculum was published in 2006. At that time, the primary author of our educational resources began looking for an elementary writing curriculum to use with her children. When she couldn’t find one single product that utilized copywork, narration, and dictation to teach elementary aged children to write, she decided to create her own. The result was a premiere, unique writing curriculum for elementary students. To design the most effective writing curriculum that she could, she based the program on the methods of Ms. Charlotte Mason. And to get the most out of this homeschool curriculum, she organized it around the four-year history cycle. And finally, to make it even more effective, she used true font models to reinforce proper penmanship.


Multipurpose Homeschool Curriculum

The goal of our company is to publish educational resources for homeschool and private school children that are designed to teach on multiple levels. Every curriculum we publish is designed to make learning easier and more efficient. For instance:

  • our writing curriculum teaches writing, supplements history, and reinforces proper penmanship
  • our Westminster Catechism Copybooks teach proper penmanship and church doctrine
  • our Sheldon’s New grammar book teaches grammar, writing via narration, copywork, and dictation, and reinforces proper penmanship
  • our Spanish book for young children is designed to inductively teach sentence structure as well vocabulary and verb conjugation and make learning Spanish fun
  • our Bible memory series helps users memorize scripture, providing a life time of benefits


We believe that multipurpose curricula is more beneficial for students. This type of learning saves teachers and students time while accomplishing multiple educational objectives.

At Brookdale House we design curricula that teach more with less.