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At Brookdale House our mission is:

  • to provide homeschool teachers, private school teachers and public school teachers with educational resources of superior qualilty.
  • assist teachers in caring for their students.
  • to provide quality curricula that accomplishes more than one objective at a time. We understand that, as with everyone, teachers are limited on time and resources.

At Brookdale House, our vision is:

  • that all teachers will be able to guide their students toward embracing a rigorous and self-directed education.

At Brookdale House, we value:

  • educators. This is why our books are open and go, and easy to use by homeschool educators, private school educators, and public school educators.
  • children. This is why we create educational materials that meet children where they are academically, yet allows them to grow beyond traditional expectations without effort or struggle.
  • education. We know that teachers and parents, regardless of methodology or philosophy, want to give the children in their care the best education possible.