Homeschooling with Passion When You’re Tired

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It’s time for us to really start our school year again. So I’m writing lesson plans for the 2 high school writing classes I teach at co-op. I’m organizing my own children’s school readers, and picking curricula for them. I’m also planning a fundraiser (not so much fun), and I’m shuffling kids back and forth for doctors visits. Two coming out of braces, one going in. Everybody is getting checkups.

The summer has been hectic to say the least. Our house flooded the day before a trip to my in-laws, and after that my husband had unplanned business trips. We’re still making repairs to the water damage.

With all that’s been going on with just being a mom and a wife, it’s sometimes hard to prepare for the full-time job of teaching.

Honestly, I’m already tired, and I am supposed to be passionate about schooling. Pouring myself into my kids, so they can find joy and passion in their lessons.

Well, I’m going to do it.

And even though I am tired, I consider it a blessing to be homeschooling. My children are getting so much out of it, and they are sheltered from so many unnecessary influences. (Common core for example.)

So, over the next 2 weeks, I’m getting ready for school.

I’m cooking, cleaning, and organizing.

But first, I’m going to take care of myself! I’m going to start that diet! Drink my V-8; and then eat my veggies. And some chocolate, too.

And I’m going for long walks. I might even make it to the gym.

If you’re also trying to recover from the summer, and also trying to get excited at the same time for the school year ahead, start off by putting yourself first.

Not in a selfish way, but in a practical way.

Us moms, we’re the vehicles that drive our homeschools and guide our children’s education. (This is the country in me, 🙂 )

Now is the time to fuel up! Whatever that may be:

  • Long walks
  • Sugar free eating
  • Salads for lunch
  • Sleeping in
  • Rising early
  • Going to the gym
  • Meeting up with an old friend
  • Making a new friend
  • Starting a hobby
  • Praying up

Whatever you need to do to get going, or keep going if you never stopped, do it!

And keep doing it! 

Vehicles don’t run without fuel! And neither do homeschooling moms.