New Chapter Book

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New Children’s Chapter Book

Escape of the KILLER Noun (affiliate link)

Our first chapter book, Book 1 of The Magic Chalk Series, is now available on Kindle. Yay!


This book teaches young children about nouns, in the funnest way possible!


Rusty, Eric, and Tuesdae are three of the students in Mr. Graham’s classroom. When Mr. Graham, the new substitute, arrives, the students learn that the name Albert Einstein is a noun, they learn that swimming pool is a noun, they learn that  ice cream parlor is a noun, and they learn that Coelophysis, the name of a man-eating dinosaur, is a killer noun!

Escape of the Killer Noun

Escape of the KILLER Noun is the first of five books in the series.

Starting Thursday the book will be available for free for a short time.

If you can’t wait, you can get the book at amazon for only $2.99.

If you purchase early, please be sure to come back Thursday for the Facebook Party at 7 pm.

We’ll have free grammar worksheets that reinforce the lessons in the book!


Note: This book does not teach grammar directly. Students learn grammar as they experience the world that the magic of grammar creates. As students read The Magic Chalk series, they learn there is nothing more magical than words!


Read a quote from our very first review on Amazon.

This book is sneaky. It’s entertaining, funny, and even surprising at times all while being educational. This is a wonderful chapter book probably suited best for 1st through 4th grades. Although I’m an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Garcia has written a creative book that will draw young readers into the story and leave them wanting more.