A New Kind of Geography for Kids

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Geography for kids can be complicated.

And even fun geography sites for kids don’t leave them with the type of understanding of geography that they need.

When my kids were little, I did geography with them. We traced routes and located countries. It never stuck.

For years, I’ve wanted to do something different. Well, a few months ago I was talking with a homeschool mom at our co-op and she mentioned that she had attended a different co-op where she had seen children drawing maps from memory. I thought that sounds like the perfect geography program for kids.

Immediately, I thought I want my own kids to do that!

I went home and created a geography curriculum to do it. I hired someone to create the maps, and now we have two books in The Geography Drawing series.

Drawing Around the World: Europe
Drawing Around the World: USA

Like most of the books I make, these geography books are designed for the way kids learn.

To test the books, I experimented on my own children–my 9 year old and 11 year old have been using them for a while.

The result? This geography for kids really works!

My 9 and 11 year old sons can rattle off European countries with ease. And they both enjoy it. 🙂 This year they’re learning to draw Europe from memory. Next year, we’ll be memorizing the United States

If you want your students to be able to draw Europe or the United States from memory, you can read more about the series here.

Since I’m just launching the books, I’m offering them at 25% off. Use code:save10geo

A few parents are already using the books and the feedback has been wonderful! One mother told me her daughter loves the books.

Honestly, I think these books meet a need. By using the geography drawing series, students can really interact with each country by tracing it, determining where it should be placed on a map, and drawing it–all from memory.Geography for Kids

And because the lessons build on one another, children have fun demonstrating what they know. Each week, they review the previously learned countries and add a new country. Instead of boringly tracing routes and finding locations on a map, students really learn geography by actually studying geography. And have fun while doing it!

Because of these books, we’re doing geography again.

Geography for kids can be pretty difficult to accomplish.

It’s technical and kind of complicated. And even fun geography sites don’t given them the type of understanding they need.  But this geography drawing series changes all of that.