Helping Children Find Their Passion

Helping children find their passion can be daunting. Passion–it’s an almost overwhelming interest in some endeavor. I believe everyone should have a passion. Parents and children. As an adult it’s somewhat easy to find that passion, but for children, finding … Read More

$500 Homeschooling Giveaway

Homeschooling Giveaway worth over $500.  Win it all! An ipad mini tablet worth $329, Write from History ebook set worth $160, Geography Drawing ebook set worth $45.  Open until July 18th! To gain more chances to win, enter your email … Read More

Geography Games

Online Geography Games Geography games make learning geography fun. Geography should be fun! And easy!   Let’s be honest, most Americans aren’t very good at Geography.  And from what I understand neither are many Europeans when it comes to United … Read More

How to Motivate Students

How to motivate students? Many, many teachers and many, many parents are asking themselves frequently: How do I motivate my students? Knowing how to motivate students is important because so many students have no drive. In fact, the older they … Read More

Encouraging Failure

A few weeks ago I was talking with some homeschooling moms (friends of mine), and I mentioned that I was a big advocate of failure. I realized when I said it that not everyone agrees with me. Since then the … Read More

New Chapter Book

New Children’s Chapter Book Escape of the KILLER Noun (affiliate link) Escape of the KILLER Noun is the first of five books in the series. Starting Thursday the book will be available for free for a short time. If you … Read More

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