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Online Geography Games

Geography games make learning geography fun. Geography should be fun! And easy!


Let’s be honest, most Americans aren’t very good at Geography.  And from what I understand neither are many Europeans when it comes to United States Geography.

So as Americans we don’t have to feel bad, but we still don’t have reason to feel good–yet.


If you want your kids to learn geography, geography games are a really cool way to reinforce lessons. Especially if the games are free!


Here is a list of free Geography Games that you can find on line:


FREE Geography GamesSheppard Software

This has geography plus language arts games, biology games, science games, math games, and more. Great for preschool and elementary.

World Geography Games

Strictly geography, plus flags. Awesome lessons. Great for older kids.

Geography for Kids

Features Map Match games, Capital Catch games, and Latitude and Longitude Map Games. Designed to help students learn geography.

Geography at

Online geography puzzles gams. Also lots of math games, strategy, skills, logic, etc.

Learning Games for Kids

Pretty cool site for younger kids. Contains games by continent and free printables as well. Love me some printables. 🙂


Are you looking for more than geography games?


While geography games help students learn geography, they are only a supplement.

In addition to the games, which you can access on line for free (yay!), it’s helpful to have an effective geography curriculum.


Well, we just happen to know about the best geography curriculum ever made. It’s so easy, and it’s so much fun, too. Kids love it!

Look at part of a message left on facebook by a parent of a student using this curriculum:

I am floored at the retention by my 8 and 11 year old. I’ve tried a couple other things to memorize where countries are and this is the only one that has stuck.

If you want your student to do more than play geography games, try Drawing Around the World: Europe or Drawing Around the World: USA.

Teachers are asking for more versions, so more versions are on the way.

The Geography Drawing Series