Looking Back, A Homeschool Changes I Would Have Made

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I am almost done homeschooling, and I am realizing some things that I could have done better.


Makes me sad to realize how long it has taken me to figure this out.


Students learn everything we model, not just writing or copywork. They learn everything.


I had two students that struggled with organization. Two didn’t. I personally struggle with organization, but that didn’t seem to have had a negative impact on my naturally organized kids. So I assumed that my disorganization had no impact on any of my kids.


In stead of spending years trying to teach them to be organized, I have learned that I should have been trying to be organized myself. Duh, right?


I should have organized everything in our environment to help me first. Homeschooling 101, right? Well, I didn’t realize that initially, but I do now.


Today I am much more organized. And now that I am more organized, so are my kids! I do see it rubbing off on my kids when they’re home. They’re still here a lot! Yay!


The problem was me!


They really are watching and learning from us in all of the things we do, and not just the things we are teaching them.


I am pretty sure that I have heard other people say things like this before. Well, it didn’t really register with me until I saw it for myself. I kept trying to teach the right things to my kids when I should have been trying to model the right things for my kids.


They really are watching, learning, and imitating everything we do.


If I could change the past, I would have spent more time modeling life skills. Skills like organization, problem solving, decision making, etc.