Common List of Spelling Rules (freebie)

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Teaching Spelling


When my children were little, my favorite homeschool resource was my Teacher’s Notebook. I put everything in there that I might need to reference when I was teaching a subject.

It was my go to resource for spelling rules, math rules and formulas, my children’s memorization work, timelines, and booklists. I’m sure I kept other things in there as well.

I referenced it a lot.


A list of spelling exercises was my favorite and my most frequently referenced resource. I knew how to spell most words, but often I didn’t know how to explain to my children why the words were spelled the way they were.


Spelling is one of those subjects that we all want our children to master, but for many children, and adults too, it’s hard.



Options for teaching spelling

Over the years, we used many different spelling programs.

We tried:


  1. Computer programs that taught spelling
  2. Listening to the rules
  3. Teaching spelling with copywork
  4. Traditional spelling curriculum
  5.  Megawords


My favorites were:


1) teaching spelling with copywork, because it was natural and via this method my kids learned spelling in context and

2) the curriculum Megawords. Megawords taught spelling via syllabication, and it is my favorite spelling curriculum. It begins at 4th grade if I remember correctly.


You still need the rules:


Regardless of which spelling curriculum or program you go with, it is in your best interest to learn or at least have handy the most common spelling rules.

Spelling is not nearly as overwhelming when we know the rules. And when we teach our kids the rules, we teach them to spell a large group of words at one time, rather than just teaching them to spell one word at a time.


Because the spelling rules are an important part of dictation, I am including them in the answer keys for the Writing Through History series. (Only the Writing Through Ancient History Level 1 Answer Key is complete at this time. I’m working on the rest.)

But it’s very important that everyone have these rules, I’m giving away a free copy below. For everyone. Just enter your email below and the list of common spelling rules will be delivered to your inbox.