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Memorize Philippians


This Bible Memorization Made Easy workbook is designed to make memorizing Scripture quick and easy to accomplish. Even though memorizing Scripture is invaluable, we as Christians don’t always make memorizing the Word of God a priority, but sometimes we don’t memorize Scripture because we don’t know where to start. This system gives helps our students make memorizing God’s Word a priority, and it makes it easy for them to do it. (KJV)

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Using Memorize Philippians

With Memorize Philippians, students can memorize Philippians 1 through Philippians 4, the entire Book of Philippians. This book was selected because in it Paul teaches us how to live as Christians, and encourages us in our daily walk. To memorize Philippians, students simply open the book and follow the directions.

  • On Day one, students read the passage of Scripture.
  • On Day two, students read the passage. Immediately following, the passage is rewritten with approximately 25% of the words omitted. You fill in these missing words from memory. (Key words are omitted to make memorizing the main ideas easier.)
  • On Day three, they read and fill in the missing words. Approximately 50% of the words are omitted.
  • On Day four, they read and fill in the missing words. Approximately 75% of the words are omitted.
  • On Day five, students write the entire passage from memory.

Memorize Philippians contains 23 weeks of lessons in an open-and-memorize format.


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