How to Squeeze in Exercise as a Busy Mom

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We only have 24 hours in a day and we are expected to pull everything off perfectly. In all reality, finding time to squeeze in exercise as a busy mom is challenging. Exercising seems to be pushed to the back burner by excuses of “I just don’t have time.”

No more excuses! Let’s make exercise a priority in our life. Don’t stress, here are 8 great tips on how to squeeze in exercise.

How to Squeeze in Exercise

How to Squeeze in Exercise


#1 Use Your Lunch Break To Squeeze Exercise

Whether you have access to a local gym, are close to a walking track, or only have a small area to exercise in; use your break time to exercise.


#2 Take Your Kids To The Park

While the kids are playing on the playground, use that time to walk. The kids are strengthening their muscles by climbing, swinging and running around the playground. You can be walking to get some cardio.


#3 Before Every Meal Do Squats

Just like you pray before you eat, do some squats before you eat. Start off with a small number and work your way up. By the end of the day you’ve done toned your legs and tush.


#4 No More Sitting During Commercials

When watching your favorite TV series, movie or the news don’t just sit on the couch. March in place, do some lunges, or crunches. At the very least do these exercises during the commercials.


#5 Take The Stairs

Whenever possible, take the stairs. Whether you’re at work, running errands or even if you are staying home. Find the stairs and make sure you are using them instead of the elevator. Most homes do not have elevators, but even if you only have a couple of steps to get into your home you can utilize those to squeeze in some exercise.


#6 Get Plenty Of Sleep

Go to bed early or at least on time. Getting 8 hours of sleep is recommended by most physicians. When we are well rested we will have more energy, feel positive and ready to tackle the day.


#7 Prepare The Day Before

Plan your days well. Be intentional. Set your schedule for the next day and stick to it. Living an intentional life will help you live a productive life. And this includes getting some exercise in your day.


#8  Include Your Family and Friends

Recruit your family and friends to be accountability partners with you. Have your spouse and children go for an evening walk together after dinner. Meet your friends at the gym or park and catch up on each other’s lives as you burn the calories.


#9 Exercise While Standing In Line

We do a lot of standing around, especially in lines at the grocery store. While you are standing and waiting here is a list of exercises you can be doing:


Calf raise – helps stabilize the ankles and feet and improves your jumping ability.

Toe raise – helps strengthen the shin muscles, which can help stabilize the front of the calves.

One-leg balance – improves foot and ankle stability, which in turns helps with improving balance.


Find ten minutes to squeeze in exercise using any of the suggestions above, three times a day, and by the end of the day, you will have squeezed in 30 minutes exercise.

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