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Suggested Schedule for the Level 1 Books:


For level 1 books,

  • Day one incorporates reading, oral narration, and written summation.
  • Day two involves copywork and optional grammar study.
  • Day three involves copywork (or dictation) and optional grammar study.
  • Day 4 includes reading, oral narration, and optional grammar study.
  • Day 5 includes copywork (or dictation) and optional grammar study.


The Table of Contents serves as a timeline so that parents may co-ordinate the writing selection with the student’s history studies.


toc leve 1_Page_1

toc leve 1_Page_2





Sample Interior Pages

The level 1 books contain reading selections that range from a 1st to 3rd grade reading level. Selections include historical narratives, time period poetry, and cultural tales.

Students read or listen to their instructor read the narrative. Immediately following, students orally narrate back to their instructor what they have just read.


Level 1 Interior Page

level 1 interior sample_Page_2

The following copywork models require varying levels of skill.


level 1 interior sample_Page_3

level 1 interior sample_Page_4


 When students are ready, they may be introduced to studied dictation. Either of the copywork models provides excellent models for dictation.