Independent Learning–The Most Important Skill Students Need

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Independent learning is the most important tool that all students need. It’s vital. To be successful in life, students must learn how to be independent learners.

Independent Learning Skills

1) Focus

2) Discipline

3) Resourcefulness


If your student lacks these skills, you may want to consider helping him or her acquire them. Independence is essential. It is required in every aspect of life.


In the long run, SAT and ACT tests don’t matter nearly as much. In the long run, grades won’t matter.


Test results and grades, however, are tools by which students can be measured. The government erroneously believes that test results and grades measure intelligence and knowledge.


They don’t.


They do measure resourcefulness. How capable is that student when it comes to learning the information that the tests deem important.


In life, those results eventually don’t matter. Focus, discipline, and resourcefulness always matter.


You’ve heard that expression, The cream rises to the top.


Well, it’s focus, discipline, and resourcefulness that pushes it there.


Regardless of the job, regardless of the field of study, regardless of the payment received, it’s always focus, discipline, and resourcefulness that separates the good from the great.


If you have to teach your student every subject, then you are not preparing that student for life.


With an opportunity to be unfocused, students learn to focus.

With an opportunity to be undisciplined, students learn to be disciplined.

With an opportunity to fail, students learn to be resourceful.


Sometimes it’s painful to watch your students flounder, but to our family, it’s necessary.

How to know if your student is an independent learner


If you have to teach your student every subject, then he or she may not be an independent learner.